Sunday, July 11, 2010

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Rite Publishing brings you the continuation to the 2010 ENnie nominated “To Kill ort Not To Kill” and the third part of the The Ritual of Choice Adventure Path.

When the PCs arrive in Far-Rough, they discover that a group of grynlocs have recently left town and are heading north to one of their sacred monuments where a powerful artifact is said to be hidden. There are also rumors that the Nameless Baroness and her dream hunter were asking about the grynlocs after the Sisters of Is-Nachblot came to visit them, and that Breandra the murderess was seen heading north. So begins
Race for the Crystal Fold.

“Race for the Crystal Fold” is an Arcana Evolved adventure designed for four 3rd-level characters. Characters will advance to 4th level by the end of the adventure. This is the third installment in the
Rituals of Choice Adventure Path, a complete campaign saga consisting of 25 adventures.

The entire campaign path will take characters from a simple escort mission at 1st level to an apocalyptic battle for the universe at 25th level. The campaign is episodic with individual adventures able to stand alone despite a plot arc that runs through the entire series. This full arc will become clearer with each episode, together with the free download
“The Player’s Guide to the Rituals of Choice Adventure Path,”

The Rituals of Choice Adventure Path
A Witch's Choice
“To Kill ort Not To Kill"
A Race for the Crystal Fold

You can find a free preview of the entire path

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